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Now You Never Have to Touch a Toilet Seat Again!

Sani Seat Automatic Toilet Seat - Invention Showcase

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he Sani Seat Automatic Toilet Seat Raises and Lowers the Toilet Seat and Seat Cover Automatically, For a Hands-Free Operation!

The Sani Seat incorporates an innovative seat cover lifting and lowering system that eliminates the need for the user to touch any area of the toilet with their hands. A small electrically powered motor is secured to the central flange of the toilet.   Automatic sensors detect the presence of an occupant near the toilet, which initiates opening and closing the seat and/or lid.  Or you may choose a wall or toilet mounted switch to operate the system.

Touching a toilet seat is unsanitary under the best conditions, especially in public facilities.  New technological discoveries have opened the door to new automated toilet systems.  Much like the automatic touch-less urinals and sink faucets we find any many public restrooms today, the automatic toilet has been invented and is ready to install.  And it even installs on existing toilets so you don't have the high cost of replacing the entire toilet.

Patented Technology:  The Sani Seat holds a US patent for it's innovative technology.  Many of it's features are unique to the Sani Seat and the ability to retrofit existing toilets means that it will fit on tens of millions of already in-use toilets.  This market has been completely untapped.  Until now. 

The Sani Seat is available for licensing or outright purchase.  This is a rare opportunity to own a patented technology with a vast worldwide market. 




The Sani Seat Automatic Toilet Seat patent is available to license or purchase outright.

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Patent: 6,226,804















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