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features great inventions from independent inventors.  Being an independent inventor can be very challenging because even the best ideas need nurturing and exposure to become a success.  Invention Showcase was designed to help give maximum exposure to some of the best new inventions available. 

Our inventors are in various stages of development and each has their own unique and useful product.  Some inventions are in production and the inventors are seeking wider distribution.  Other inventors are looking to sell their ideas and patents outright, while some of them would like to license their inventions.  You will also find inventors looking for a manufacturer or they may need further investments. 

If you are a buyer, distributor,  manufacturer, licensing agent, investor or member of the media, etc., we encourage you to check out the inventions here at the Invention Showcase and contact the inventors.  Support independent inventors and entrepreneurs and help America grow. 

If you are an inventor, please make good use of our growing resources and links pages.   And, many of our advertisers offer services designed especially for independent inventors. Click here for information on how to get your invention listed on this site. 

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