Golf Ball Launcher


Golf Just Got Fun for Everyone!  Whether You Lack Practice Time or Have a Mobility Issue, the Golf Ball Launcher Will Get You Out into the Fresh Air, Enjoying Golf Like Never Before!


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The Golf Ball Launcher is an all-new concept, making golf accessible to everyone!

Some of you have stopped playing golf because of mobility difficulties or lack of time to practice your game.  Some of you have never played golf because of a physical handicap or because the game never appealed to you.  But now EVERYONE can enjoy the great outdoors and the camaraderie of golf with the amazing new Golf Ball Launcher!

The fun has just begun!


Convenient hand pump for fast & easy reloading.

  • Ideal for people with mobility difficulties.

  • Great for people who stopped playing due to age related issues.

  • Fun for everyone, including youngsters

  • It's a safe way to play.  You have more control than with a club.

  • No time for practice?  Now you can still enjoy the game.

  • Eliminates slow play

  • Hunting enthusiasts love it!

  • Puts the fun back in golf.

  • Gets more players on the course, increasing course revenues.

The Golf Ball Launcher uses a convenient hand pump or 12v mini-pump to recharge your launchers with safe air pressure.  It's quick and easy and allows you to adjust your firing distance from 25 yards to more than 300 yards. 

We are currently seeking business opportunities to license the Golf Ball Launcher. The Launcher is patent pending.

Golf cart ready. You can even launch from the cart!


Did we mention it's big fun?



Golf Ball Launcher & Pump


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