Curling Iron Holder


The Easy Way to Protect Your Counter Tops and Furniture From Curling Iron Burns!

Curling Iron Holder - Invention Showcase

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The Curling Iron Holder is an all-new device designed to safely and conveniently hold your hot curling iron so that it never burns your furniture or counter tops again!

What happens when you don't have a safe place to put your hot curling iron?  It ends up laying on your furniture or counter and these very hot irons will quickly burn or discolor whatever they touch.  Hot irons can also be a dangerous fire hazard near flammable materials.

Curling Iron Holder - Invention Showcase


Show above, the Double Decker


The Curling Iron Holder's smart design allows you to quickly and easily insert or remove any size curling iron while keeping your hot iron safely off of your furniture and counter tops. 

They're light weight and colorful and great for travel.  They are not only safe, but very convenient and available in different colors and styles. 

The Curling Iron Holders have built-in suction cups on the bottom for maximum stability.  The holders are made of heat resistant materials that will not burn if you leave your iron on.  The are ideal for home use, college dorms, hotels and motels. 

"Ladies, I know you need this, that's why I invented it!  Designed by ladies, for ladies.  Simple is simply beautiful."  Bernice Dennis, Inventor of the Curling Iron Holder

The larger designs are also suitable
for holding your blow dryer.


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